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Most of the books available on getting your ex back give the same advice. Wait four weeks or so and have no contact with them. Then call and see if they want to talk to you. The idea here is that after a month they won’t be so mad and will be more willing to talk. You can get more Get Ex Back info here.

This advice is based on the idea that time heals all wounds.

That after a month or so they won’t be so mad and may even feel like forgiving you some.

The get your ex back by waiting 30 days approach can work in some situations. And it can also backfire. Your ex’s anger can fester and their heart can harden towards you. And they might start seeing someone else, which will make it very hard to have them reattach their affections towards you.

To avoid these problems you will need a different approach.

Your specific approach will vary based on the reason you split up, but there are some general methods you can use to fix your relationship in hours not months. Go here for a complete system on How To Have Marital Help.

How might this work if you cheated on your ex and got kicked out last week, as an example? Your ex is full of anger and betrayal and feels like they can’t trust you ever again.

To get your ex back fast, realize that feelings do change. Your ex will get over it eventually, even it it takes a year.

The second thing to understand is that you can help their feelings change.

This is the key to getting your ex back fast instead of waiting weeks. You can help them to get over their negative feelings towards you. There are a couple of ways of doing this. One is with a certain kind of apology (yes, there are different kinds!) and another way is to let them vent or get the feelings off their chest.

Combine these two methods and you can often have a breakthrough in getting your ex back fast. They can release their bad feelings and start to move towards wanting you back. You can often get your ex back in hours or days if you apologize in a certain way and help them to vent their bad feelings. You don’t need to wait months. You can get a complete system for how to get your ex back here.

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